Why Industrial Hemp?

Our Top 3 Reasons To Love The Plant

Industrial hemp varieties of Cannabis, also referred to as “fiber” or “non-drug” hemp, should not be confused with marijuana. Industrial hemp can’t “get you high.” Industrial hemp contains virtually no THC (<0.3%). Industrial Hemp extracts contain all the relaxing, mood-steadying plant compounds of marijuana, no drug use value, making them non-psychoactive and safe for everyday use.

Industrial Hemp NiceDay

1. It’s legal!

Every other industrialized nation in the world permits the farming of industrial hemp for fiber and seed, and industrial hemp is recognized in international law. So we can have an identification guide, and it’s easier to know exactly where it comes from and how it was extracted. At the same time, hemp is also a military material, and widely used in medical care, beauty care, textiles, etc.

2.Benefits a lot.

Farmers: Hemp can help farmers looking to diversify their farm,organic, low-nput and sustainable methods of agriculture.

Sustainable businesses: Hemp’s valuable fiber and large bio mass productivity can help companies “go green” by creating a wide variety of opportunities and supplementing or replacing more. Hemp can be a key to creating a “green” future and sustainable, value-added industries in our cities.

Green shoppers: Hemp is attractive to people willing to vote with their dollars and buy products that reflect their values.

Industrial Hemp NiceDay

3. It comes in many forms.

For hemp fabrics, it is refreshing and softy, and has natural antibacterial properties and prevents itching, very healthy for us.

Recyclable and degradable. Chemical fiber is a good thing, but we have to use it correctly. Hemp can replace most chemical fiber products.

Industrial Hemp NiceDay

That’s why you can catch us with hemp sanitary pad, this is one of the ways we adhere to the mission of sustainable environmental protection.


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