Nanjing Sanitary Products Exhibition 2020 CIDPEX

Every time we go out, we come back with a full harvest. The 2020 Nanjing Household Paper and Sanitary Products Exhibition has ended. Our exhibition activities this year have also come to an end. It is a great honour to participate in a professional hygiene products exhibition to let us understand the development direction of the industry and the needs of professional buyers.

Nanjing Sanitary Products Exhibition 2020 CIDPEX NiceDay

Due to the epidemic, many customers cannot come to China. Therefore, we try our best to show it to everyone in the form of Niceday brand name sanitary napkin, and foreign customers can also learn about us through live broadcast.

Nanjing Sanitary Products Exhibition 2020 CIDPEX NiceDay
The scene was designed by our independent designer, and won the favour of customers.
Nanjing Sanitary Products Exhibition 2020 CIDPEX NiceDay

We mainly promote three products, patented herbal sanitary napkins, organic cotton sanitary napkins and negative ion sanitary napkins with a high repurchase rate.

Of course, there are many customers who need customization. Our patient staff has been explaining the customization process and special attention points to customers, understanding customer needs, and developing the most cost-effective cooperation method for customers and creating target market hot products.

Not only promote products, but also popularise knowledge of sanitary napkins. We also participated in the sanitary napkin industry seminar held by the exhibition organiser to learn about the latest industry consultations. Environmentally friendly and biodegradable is a product we have been committed to researching and developing. Our company must go in the direction of sustainable development and reduce waste on the earth. In addition to the degradable sanitary napkins we currently produce, we will continue to develop wet toilet paper that can be flushed to quickly degrade and reduce the amount of garbage disposal. As well as underwear for mild incontinence of adults, reduce the trouble of adult travel.

Nanjing Sanitary Products Exhibition 2020 CIDPEX NiceDay

Our Niceday team will continue to learn and develop products that suit everyone’s needs, so stay tuned…

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