Steps to put on PPE

PPE Personal Protective Equipment NiceDay

The primary use of personal protective equipment (PPE) is to protect healthcare workers (HCWs) and reduce opportunities for transmission of microorganisms in healthcare facilities. In infection control, PPE are frequently used to provide barrier between the infective pathogen and the healthcare worker. Commonly used PPE items include gloves, gown, mask, face shield/goggles, caps and foot protection.

According to FDA, sequence for donning PPE,gown first, mask or respirator, goggles or face shield, gloves.

1. Remove all personal items (jewellery, watches, cell phones, pens, etc.).

2. Put on rubber shoes or foot covers in advance, if it is a surgical gown.

3. To don a gown, first select the appropriate type for the task and the right size for you. The opening of the gown should be in the back; secure the gown at the neck and waist. If the gown is too small to fully cover your torso, use two gowns. Put on the first gown with the opening in front and the second gown over the first with the opening in the back. 

PPE Personal Protective Equipment NiceDay
PPE Personal Protective Equipment NiceDay
PPE Personal Protective Equipment NiceDay

4. Some masks are fastened with ties, others with elastic. If the mask has ties, place the mask over your mouth, nose and chin. Fit the flexible nose piece to the form of your nose bridge; tie the upper set at the back of your head and the lower set at the base of your neck.If a mask has elastic head bands, separate the two bands, hold the mask in one hand and the bands in the other. Place and hold the mask over your nose, mouth, and chin, then stretch the bands over your head and secure them comfortably as shown; one band on the upper back of your head, the other below the ears at the base of the neck. Adjust the mask to fit. Remember, you don’t want to be touching it during use so take the few seconds needed to make sure it is secure on your head and fits snuggly around your face so there are no gaps.

5. If eye protection is needed, either goggles or a face shield should be worn. Position either device over the face and/or eyes and secure to head using the attached ear pieces or head band. Adjust to fit comfortably. Goggles should feel snug but not tight.

PPE Personal Protective Equipment NiceDay

6. The last item of PPE to be donned is a pair of gloves. Be sure to select the type of glove needed for the task in the size that best fits you. Insert each hand into the appropriate glove and adjust as needed for comfort and dexterity. If you are wearing an isolation gown, tuck the gown cuffs securely under each glove. This provides a continuous barrier protection for your skin. Nitrile gloves are more chemical-resistant. Heavy-duty rubber gloves are used in special circumstances to prevent injuries to hand.

PPE Personal Protective Equipment NiceDay

Using PPE correctly can protect yourself as much as possible, everything will be better. Wish you have a Niceday! 

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