Trendy Reusable Face Mask

We just ended the Guangzhou epidemic prevention material exhibition. Let’s just talk about my feelings. On the whole, there is not a lot of people flow. It is due to the fact that many countries have not opened air routes. However, there are still many customers who help purchase epidemic prevention materials and then transfer them to their countries.

It is reported that there are also more serious garbage accumulations caused by disposable masks. In order to protect the environment and reduce costs, more and more people are beginning to use reusable face mask. This kind of mask can not only be reused, because it is made of fabric that is very breathable, especially in summer. And don’t worry about safety, because there is a PM2.5 filter chip inside, which can be replaced at any time. Not only self-protection, but the unique shape is also very suitable for daily wear.

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  • All black reusable mask
  • Disposable adult mask EN14683 TYPE I II IIR / ASTM LEVEL 1 2 3
  • Disposable child mask EN14683 TYPE II IIR
  • Protective coverall AAMI PB70 LEVEL III
  • Isolation gown  AAMI PB70 LEVEL III
  • Gloves
  • Cap
  • Foot cover

5th Guangzhou International Cross-border E-commerce & Goods Expo Global Emergency Medical and Innovative Epidemic Prevention Supplies Trading Zone

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