Niceday Cooperation with Pharmacies

Congratulations! We have reached an agreement with Leepheng Pharmacy Co., Ltd to put our patented herbal sanitary napkins on more than 1,000 stores in Shenzhen and Puning. After rigorous testing, screening and review, the herbal sanitary napkins have been put on the shelves of pharmacies and have entered a stage of rising sales.

Before it was put on the shelves, we distributed a large number of shopping guides of herbal sanitary napkin drugstores, and introduced the product’s material source, function and effect in detail. Only with the high feedback from the shopping guide can we recommend high-quality products to customers. We are also very happy that more and more people can recognize herbal sanitary napkins, which is also the source of our continuous production of good quality products.

You may wonder, why not put it on the supermarket directly? To be honest, we are planning. But why pharmacies are preferred, let me explain to you. As we all know, the barriers to entry for selling sanitary napkins in pharmacies are relatively high. The State Food and Drug Administration will strictly control the products on the shelves of pharmacies. The sanitary napkins sold in it basically meet the national qualification certification, which can be reassuring. 

Niceday Cooperation with Pharmacies
Niceday Cooperation with Pharmacies

The sanitary napkins sold in pharmacies can meet the standard of machine name, which refers to the approval batch number of products such as medical devices or health-care plasters. After verification, sanitary napkins that meet the requirements of the machine font size are usually called “medical nursing pads”. Because they have the quality of medical equipment, there will be basically no quality problems, so you can buy them with confidence.

What’s more, pharmacies are not mainly aimed at ordinary customer groups, but some one who want to buy products through pharmacies that can help them solve certain problems. Our patented herbal sanitary napkins are extremely functional. Herbal chips can relieve menstrual pain and remove odors, and regulate the body. The organic cotton surface is very suitable for sensitive skin, without perfume and chlorine. Super absorbent and breathable, no need to worry about side leakage, reverse osmosis and stuffiness. Women who are concerned about this can contact us to try the product.

 We are working hard to let more people see us and bring high-quality and cost-effective products to consumers. Stay tuned…

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