Personal Protective Equipment

COVID-19, it disrupted our rhythm and calmed us down to rethink.

The daily increase in the number of diagnoses and deaths, the overwhelming COVID-19 news, will undoubtedly make people anxious and uneasy.

Personal Protective Equipment PPE NiceDay

For most of us, we must protect ourselves, wash our hands frequently, don’t gather, and wear masks.Don’t indulge in the daily news, but maintain a good attitude and objective judgment.Indoor exercise, self-discipline life, career planning, etc.

To be honest, we were also greatly affected during the epidemic. The first is that customers are worried about the insecurity of the goods although we have done enough security protection, the second is the cessation of logistics, and the third is the soaring raw materials…..Since the mask is very scarce, raw materials are basically supplied to the production of masks instead of sanitary napkins and diapers.Raw materials have increased tenfold, and many peers and customers are unable to accept the price to choose to stop production or cancel orders, including Kao. We can do nothing, we have to do something.Everyone is contributing to the epidemic and we should act.

Fortunately, we belong to this health and hygiene material industry.In addition, we have FDA and CE registration certificates, and the production workshop also conforms to the ISO system.We use existing resources to researches masks, and find ways to purchase materials and equipment to solve people’s urgent need for masks as quickly as possible.Although many customers have received products, and a large number of donation orders have been sent out.Faced with such a severe epidemic, this is far from enough.As we all know, the current international situation is not very optimistic.Many countries have started to fight against masks, some of them are to ensure the quality of products, and some are for international politics. Every batch of masks produced by us will be sent to CNAS accredited institutions for testing to strictly ensure the safety and reliability of products.Since the testing standards for masks are different in each country, some products are returned because they do not recognize their testing standards of the other country.Our customs also attaches great importance to this issue, and basically new policies come out every few days, so we must also follow the national policy, constantly change the packaging, and provide the required qualification documents.In fact, this problem of testing standards also occurred when our country lacked masks. After discussion by experts, as long as they can meet the protection standards, they can be used, because the mask is used for self-protection, time is life.We also need to respect other national policies. For customs clearance at the port of destination, we have also made various qualification documents, as follows:

Disposable protective mask  EN14683

KN95 particle respirator    EN149

Personal Protective Equipment PPE NiceDay
Disposable protective coverall CE

Disposable Isolation gown   AAMI Level 2


Personal Protective Equipment PPE NiceDay

The epidemic has not stopped. Nor can we stop the pace.

Personal Protective Equipment PPE NiceDay
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