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South Africa, wild and gentle

South Africa, wild and gentle



Electronic visa has been officially introduced in South Africa, make the diamonds in the southern hemisphere more "close to the feet". What do you think of when you mention South Africa? Shining diamonds, lions on the prairie or the original Zulu? But when you really step into this magical land, the truth and freedom in Mandela's mouth will be mixed with hot air.


Good tourism infrastructure and wild and abundant travel resources make South Africa a new wild destination. It is time to re-learn the “Rainbow Country”.


Safari is mainly in the form of national parks and private camps, where you can get close to these wild animals running on the ground. This is a completely different experience from watching animals in the zoo. When you drive a convertible on the grassland, human beings are the outsiders here, and the animals are the real masters of this land.

Curiously, the original tribe is isolated from modern civilization. The Zulu is a native of South Africa living in Natal and Mozambique, South Africa.


Johannesburg, South Africa's largest city, the famous "Golden City". It is the economic, political, cultural and tourism center of the Republic of South Africa and a world-famous international metropolis.

We also completed the mission of the China( South Africa) Trade Fair 2019. Strong social inclusion makes the city colorful and economically diversified.

In the personal care products industry, we have an in-depth analysis of sanitary napkins. We showcase China's quality sanitary napkins, and South African friends tell us about local habits and hobbies. We are mutually tolerant, learn from each other, combine the advantages of both parties, and create valuable products, which is the ultimate goal of our trip.




Here we met some friendly partners. The enthusiasm and cheerfulness of South African friends has made our entire journey dynamic. Of course, the energy supplement of delicious food is also indispensable. The price of seafood is cheaper than vegetables, except for countless seafood and delicious hot pot. Along the way, you can eat Cape Town from the coastal Durban. Looking forward to the next trip.



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