How to Choose Sanitary Napkins?

Sanitary napkins are important feminine products for women. There are many sanitary pads brands and multi-types of sanitary napkins in the market, which ones are best or most suitable ones? The article will share some information on how to select sanitary napkins.

Types of sanitary pads:

1. Dry mesh sanitary napkins

Refers to the sanitary towel surface layer using a variety of perforated film as raw material made of sanitary towel, which is mainly polyethylene, commonly known as PE film;

2. Soft cotton sanitary napkin

It refers to sanitary napkin surface layer made of all kinds of non-woven material, mainly polypropylene, commonly known as PP;

3. Pure cotton sanitary napkins

Refers to the sanitary napkin surface layer made of pure cotton material, which is mainly pure cotton non-woven cloth.

How to select sanitary napkins?

Sanitary napkins are generally composed of surface layer, absorbing layer and bottom layer. The materials and functions of these three parts should be considered when used.

First, the surface to choose dry mesh funnel. The dry surface can prevent the local skin from suffering from dampness. The funnel design is better than the barrel design, the infiltration of the liquid is not easy to back-flow.

Second, the middle layer should be breathable and contain efficient gelation layer. The sanitary napkin with high effective gel layer can coagulate the infiltrated liquid into gel-like shape, which will not recirculate after pressure, and the surface will not feel sticky.

Third, it is better to choose breathable material for the bottom layer, which can make water molecules in the form of gas pass through smoothly, so as to achieve the function of timely discharge of moisture, effectively reduce the role of sanitary napkin and the body to discharge moisture, effectively reduce the moist and sultry between sanitary napkin and the body, and maintain the dry and fresh feeling.

NDN-4-NicedayAmazing graphene chip sanitary napkin, high absorbent disposable sanitary pads soft care feminine pads

  1. Super cotton and dry perforated film top-sheet available, touch like silk, feel soft and comfortable;
  2. With fine vents to prevent from flowing back and keeps the skin dry and comfortable;
  3. Side leakguards and wings prevent fluid from leakage;
  4. Airlaid paper wrap with S.A.P. absorb fluid instantly and sufficiently, locks it away without leakage and flowing back;
  5. Breathable bottom sheet evacuate the hot and humid instantly, keep the inner-air refresh;

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