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A range of packaging

A range of packaging


A range of packaging

We're the right fit if you want to design.

When you choose a sanitary napkin manufacturer, do you consider their packaging design capabilities? Maybe it can save your time for the packaging design capabilities of a manufacturer can ensure that the final product effect can meet or exceed expectations, even if you have your own designer. And for female consumers, product packaging is an important factor in attracting purchases.

There are many types of packaging with different advantages. When choosing a packaging, the most important thing depends on your purpose. Next, let us take a look at the commonly used packaging on the market.

PE Bag: 70% of sanitary products on supermarket shelves are packed in PE bags. In contrast, the process of PE bag is simple, so the cost will be lower. If the main selling point of sanitary napkins is softness and comfort, we can adjust the thickness of the packaging so that consumers can feel the soft touch from the packaging.

Aluminum Foil Bag: The double-layer material has a certain thickness, the sanitary napkin will not be deformed during transportation, the appearance is full, and it looks good when placed on the shelf. Easy sticker, can ensure that the sanitary napkin is dustproof and waterproof after the package is opened.

Ziplock Bag: The food usage rate is relatively high, and it can be dustproof and waterproof. At present, only a few sanitary napkin brands use this kind of packaging, because it is unique, and the design area is large, and consumers are deeply impressed, so the effect is very good.

 Individual package: It can achieve aesthetics. To reduce women’s shame about menstrual periods, they can be held in their hands at any time and placed on their bags or desks. At the same time, it can also give menstruating women a good mood.

Bio Paper Box: The bio paper box is Eco and natural, and has a low MOQ. For those with a low budget but want to make their own brand, you can consider it. Bio Paper Box packaging will also give consumers an impression of superior quality.

Gift Bag: It is suitable for products with a certain foundation for brand operation and a complete set of sizes. It is intended to deepen consumers' awareness of the brand and increase consumer loyalty to the brand. Generally more suitable for high-end sanitary napkin products.

Shipping Carton: Easily overlooked packaging, in fact, a simple carton design can provide good materials for brand operations. At the same time, the agent also pays attention to the product when it receives the goods. Not only beautiful, but also able to withstand transportation.

There are also some special packaging, such as gift box packaging, multi-functional packaging, luxury packaging, if you want to see the real thing, you can contact us. We hope it can help you solve your problems in choosing packaging. Detail:


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