9th DHPF-Bio! 2024

DHPF-Bio forum

The 9th Forum on the Development of Bio-based Materials and Biodegradable Technologies for Disposable Hygiene Products focuses on biodegradable and biobased materials and their application in the hygiene product market. By offering innovative discussions, business opportunities, and showcasing biobased and biodegradable materials and technologies, it has become an important platform for the hygiene products industry. This forum explored the major changes and trends in biobased and biodegradable materials for hygiene products, providing comprehensive updates for commercial applications.

At the 9th DHPF-Bio! 2024 Forum, our company actively participated and discussed the latest technologies and applications of degradable materials with industry leaders from China, India, Belgium, Singapore, the United States and other countries.

At the forum, we gained an in-depth understanding of the current development status of degradable materials and the latest technologies in the industry. From soil, compost, ocean, freshwater to sludge aerobic and high-solid anaerobic, different degradation modes are driving the development of the industry. Degradable materials are currently widely used in medical, sanitary products, automotive interiors, filtration systems, daily necessities, agricultural planting (degradable mulch) and other industries.

Global environmental trends

Especially under the policy environment of China and Europe, we have seen policy-driven industry changes and development trends. China has set the goal of reaching carbon peak in 2030 and achieving carbon neutrality in 2060, encouraging major industries to respond to the plastic restriction order and contribute to environmental protection. Europe, on the other hand, is working hard to promote the sustainable production and use of products such as sanitary napkins and wet wipes through measures such as labeling requirements, producer responsibility and recycling requirements.
International certification companies SGS and TUV are also committed to the degradation certification and traceability of degradable products. Make degradable products traceable and traceable.


As a sanitary products company committed to environmental protection and sustainable development, we will continue to actively seek degradable materials with better performance, provide customers with high-quality product quality and promote the development of environmental protection. Let us work together to protect our home planet and create a better future!

Welcome to follow our corporate news to learn more about the latest developments in degradable materials and environmental protection industry!

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