Awarded the Honor of India Non-woven Exhibition

On 2019-6-6, FOSHAN NICEDAY SANITARY PRODUCTS CO., LTD participated in 2019 Indian Non-woven Exhibition, which is one of the important exhibitions in the industry. Our company’s booth number is C-3. It is the largest exhibition held in Indian up to now this year.

Under the scorching sun, we made elaborate preparation for the exhibition arrived in India. We brought our Amazing graphene chip sanitary napkin with high absorbent dry surface soft care female pads to the exhibition to make more people know about it. Our products succeeded in attracting customers’ attention at the exhibition. From the opening to the closing of the exhibition hall, there is a steady flow of buyers. Our sales staff has been busy introducing sanitary napkins to customers and doing testing experiments, becoming the hottest booth in the exhibition. Therefore, we have also been recognized and awarded the honour by the organizer of the India non-woven fabric exhibition. We really appreciate and cherish this opportunity to communicate with customers face to face.

India Non-woven Exhibition NiceDay Sanitary products

Many customers are attracted by graphene sanitary napkins and luxury black sanitary napkins. Compared with the ever-changing products, these products have a beautiful and stylish appearance, and the result of independent and special fabrics not only has good-looking skins but also interesting souls, which instantly attracts a large number of buyers. Our factory has a professional R&D team, always striving to find better and healthier raw materials, researching unique and novel high-quality products, and creating is our vitality.

Products exhibited in the exhibition are outstanding among similar products. They have many features, such as Ultra-thin and comfortable, instant dry, natural zero sensitisation and Fashion novelty. Their advantages include Sanitary towel factory sells directly, cost performance is high. These products were acclaimed by many customers coming to the exhibition. 

Niceday has been one of the industry leaders due to providing high-quality products to clients and it is very possible for the company to achieve greater advancement in the future. Niceday is a popular company known for providing Sanitary napkins, baby diapers, adult diapers, maternity pads, breast pads and nursing pads to the clients. 

India Non-woven Exhibition NiceDay Sanitary products

Thanks to this exhibition, Niceday was able to exchange ideas with visitors, which is very important to our future work. We hope there are more customers getting to know our company in the future.

India Non-woven Exhibition NiceDay Sanitary products
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