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Based on survey, about 3.4 million men experience the unexpected leak, so you are not alone. Urinary incontinence is a very personal issue, and each individual has unique needs. 

Stay dry For Man Urinary incontinence NiceDay

Which scenes are prone to mild incontinence?

Running, sneeze, laughing, prostate or after surgery and so on.

Lots of men balk at the idea of using pads or disposable undergarments. But not only do they stop leaks, they can protect skin from irritation and block odour. Best of all, they can help you regain confidence. You may be surprised at the number of product options. Unlike the big, bulky “adult diapers” you might imagine, today’s incontinence pads and undergarments are designed to be comfortable and unnoticeable. We have a range of male incontinence products that come in different levels of absorbency & sizes to ensure you can find the product most comfortable for you, whatever you are doing. The product you choose should depend on your symptoms.

Stay dry For Man Urinary incontinence NiceDay

If you’re always anxious about leaking, you can start to feel worn down. Your social life may suffer. You may not even want to leave the house. If this is what your life has become, you can change that.

We have been developing for a guard that could absorb without bulk. They also stay in place, thus preventing leakage.

Niceday incontinence pad provide comfortable protection, anatomically designed for men with strong adhesive strips and a super absorbent, dry fast core. most incontinence products, male guards draw moisture away from the skin and wick it into the fibers of the pad. The low-profile design makes them discreet and their adhesive strips allow for quick and easy removal and replacement. Feels like your regular underwear, so you feel good and confident!

Stay dry For Man Urinary incontinence NiceDay

There are some men say spicy or acidic foods can make urinary incontinence related to overactive bladder worse. Others say it helps to stay away from chocolate and artificial sweeteners. The specific triggers vary from person to person. Some people find that diet doesn’t seem to have any effect. To find out, keep a food diary to track possible triggers. One at a time, try cutting back on them for a week each to see if your symptoms change.

Some simple relaxation techniques, like breathing exercises or meditation, may help you cope with symptoms. Biofeedback is another approach – you watch a monitor that gives you real-time information about muscle contractions around your bladder. With time, you can learn how to relax your body, ease your muscles, and maybe get control of your symptoms. For men with urge incontinence, doctor and medications may help.

Remember, incontinence is almost always treatable.

Stay dry For Man Urinary incontinence NiceDay
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