Awesome! The Sanitary Napkin Factory Will Meet With The Hygiene Products Exhibitions In Thailand And India For Nearly Two Months

As everyone knows, China’s sanitary napkin manufacturing industry is at the leading level, and many brands of sanitary napkins are made in China.Such as Kotex、Always、ABC、Free、VIA ect. We are also one of the OEM & ODM sanitary products’ factory,often exported to Indonesia, Tanzania, India, South Korea, the United States, Australia and so on.

Many people want to visit our factory, but due to time and distance, and sometimes sending samples also takes time and freight.For more convenience,We will participate in two hygiene products exhibitions in nearly two months.

The first is the 2019 Southeast Asia Nonwovens and Disposable Hygiene Products Exhibition & Conference, which will be held at May 15th-17th, 2019 in Thailand.

The second is the 2019 India Nonwovens Exhibition, which will be held at June 6th-8th ,2019 in India.

As a professional sanitary products factory, we will show our advantage products, which are cost-effective and high quality. Sanitary napkins, baby diapers, adult diapers, maternity pads, breast pads and nursing pads products will have professional sales staff to do live demonstrations and explanations.

Sincerely, welcome to our booth to have a look and negotiate business with us, we will do our best to serve every one! Well, you can also contact us in advance on Whatsapp ,let’s meet at the hygiene products exhibitions and conference!

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