Natural Breathable Bamboo Fiber Saniatry Pad Antibacterial Maternity Pads with private label NDL-6-245 Niceday

  • Brand: Niceday/Customized
  • Factory Price: 0.02-0.05 USD
  • Min.Order Quantity: 300,000 pcs
  • ODM & OEM: Available
  • Certification: CE FDA SGS ISO9001 GOTS EN13432 Green leaf KFDA Texas organic COTTON USA HALAL
  • Package: Zip lock bag, Deluxe aluminum foil bag, Paper box, normal wrap, etc.
  • Sizes available: 155/180/190/210/245/285/330/338/360/420 MM
  • Port of loading: Guangzhou, Shenzhen
  • Wings: Regular
  • Payment Terms: L/C, Cash, Western Union, T/T, Paypal
  • Production lead time: 35 days
  • Service: OEM ODM (R&D, Design and Production)

Product gallery:

Product parameters:

Product NameBamboo sanitary napkin
Surface layerDry net, Soft non-woven fabric, 100% pure cotton, Oxygen cotton, Organic cotton, hemp, cotton knitted fabric
ChipNo chip, Diversion chip (colorful), Anion chip (Magnetic & nano silver & anion), Herbal chip, Wormwood chip, Bamboo charcoal chip, Tea polyphenol chip, Graphene chip or mix the above
Inner layerWood plup, Fluff pulp, Tissue, Absorbant paper, Organic cotton, SAP(Japan’s sumitomo), PLA SAP(Corn starch is biodegradable)or mix the above
Bottom layerPE film, Breathable PE film, PLA fim (biodegradable)
Inner packingAluminum wrap, PE wrap, Non-woven wrap, PLA wrap (biodegradable)
PackageZip lock bag, PE bag, Aluminum foil bag, Paper box
DesignFree design of release paper and wrap

Product details:

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