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Niceday brand reusable pads dniceday

Niceday brand reusable pads dniceday

Niceday brand reusable pads dniceday
  • Niceday brand reusable pads dniceday
  • Niceday brand reusable pads dniceday
  • Niceday brand reusable pads dniceday
  • Niceday brand reusable pads dniceday
  • Niceday brand reusable pads dniceday
  • Niceday brand reusable pads dniceday
  • Niceday brand reusable pads dniceday
  • Niceday brand reusable pads dniceday
  • Niceday brand reusable pads dniceday
  • Niceday brand reusable pads dniceday

Niceday brand reusable pads dniceday

Niceday has been identified as an influential enterprise who is specialized in manufacturing reusable pads .
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Product Comparison
Niceday's sanitary napkin is commonly praised in the market due to good materials, fine workmanship, reliable quality, and favorable price.Compared with similar products, Niceday's sanitary napkin has the following advantages.
Company Advantages
1. Niceday best reusable menstrual pads is produced complying with the requirements stipulated in the bathroom ware industry. It will be strictly scrutinized in terms of surface flaws, seaming quality, luster, temperature resistance capability, etc.
2. It sucks moisture off the skin, regulates the user's body temperature and keeps them dry and comfortable throughout the night.
3. The product is most commonly and widely used to solve commercial and industrial problems involving impact, vibration, shock, and pressure.

Product Overviews

  • 1.Reusable and environmentally friendly

  • 2.Good water absorption, don't worry about side leakage

  • 3.Comfortable and soft, like sitting on cotton

  • 4.Washable and detachable, saving costs

  • 5.Pretty printed, beautiful mood

Brand nameNiceday/ Customized
Surface layer

Fully cotton/Non woven

Inner layerRemovable Inner core / Can't removable Inner core
Bottom layerTPU bottom layer
Inner packingAluminum foil wrap,PE bag                      
Functional chips



Zip lock bag,Deluxe aluminum foil bag,Paper box,normal wrap                              

Color of napkinsWhite or colorful
CategoriesDay use,Night use,Pads,Super extended night use

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We use the most advanced equipment for full automatic production process,includes full automation of products and full automation of packaging,to a large extent,both quality and quantity are guaranteed.
100% inspection of product sampling regularly.The main test test product size,water absorption ratio,saturation is qualified or not.In addition,the material of the product is tested again,such as whether the glue contains the fluorescent agent,make every affort to ensure.

1. OEM/ODM is available
   ---Printing logo on customized products
   ---Customized design and material
   ---Customized packing for your products
2.every process will be checked by responsible QC which insure the products' quality.
3. Samples are free,if you need contract me anytime.
4. If you come to our factory, pls inform us in advance,we pick you up if our driver available.

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Best quality and the lowest price can meet your demand.
Impeccable after-sales sevice will solve all worries after you buy our products.
24 hours on line to reply you immediately.


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Company Features
1. Niceday has been identified as an influential enterprise who is specialized in manufacturing reusable pads .
2. Our team of manufacturing experts has years of combined experience in the industry. They use their depth of experience to solve challenges from customers and bring them substantial results.
3. Throughout the production process, we keep on pursuing an eco-friendly and sustainable approach. We will make our product more sustainable by adopting new raw materials or extending their life cycles. We are committed to service excellence. We will strive to thoroughly understand and fulfill customer expectations, including 100% on-time delivery and the shipment of defect-free products. Our company's values: integrity, responsibility, and cooperation. We encourage operate with transparency by communicating internally and externally with unwavering candor, honesty, and respect. We share a common passion to innovate for growth, for the success of our brand and to nurture our relationships with customers.
Niceday reusable pads has to go through the following production stages: CAD software design, high-resolution prototype, precision casting, molding, and reproductions. It is made based on the real person picture or drawing
The design of Niceday best reusable menstrual pads is completed by strictly adopting the refrigeration principle. It is completed by our designers who try to make the most of thermal energy. The product can be recognized as distinctly unique collectibles
Niceday reusable pads has passed the following tests that are conducted by the third-party organization: lifecycle testing, biocompatibility testing, durability testing, and chemical resistance testing. The product can stand up times of cleaning and washing
The manufacture of Niceday best reusable menstrual pads involves several stages: 3D design, cutting, forming, surface treatments, biocompatibility testing, and assembly.
Typical parameters of Niceday best reusable menstrual pads being measured include flexure, tension, compression, peel strength, adhesive/bond strength, puncture, insertion/extraction and sliding of pistons. The product can express unique cultural implication
The product features accurate specifications. It usually has tight tolerances in order to match up to other parts or assembly. The product can be made with a variety of curvaceous forms
The product has excellent and flexible temperature adaptability. It is sintered under high temperature which is up to more than 2500 degrees Fahrenheit. The product has the advantage of crack resistance
The product will not release a disturbing odor. The wood materials are specially heat-treated to withstand the high temperatures, producing no unhealthy gases. The words and sentences can be printed on this product
The product features great chemical resistance. It can maintain its original properties after being exposed to a chemical environment for a specified time period. The product has decorative and aesthetic features
The product has enough hardness. It has passed the hardness testing that can resist shape changes such as indentation and scratch. This product is the perfect gift for friends, family, or lovers
The product has strong cultural implication meaning. Its detail such as carving, embellishment or colors, presents the integration of modernization and tradition. The product features a perfect and fine face and shape
This product is believed to offer the best support for people's feet and promote a healthy alignment for their entire body. The words and sentences can be printed on this product
People who use this product to store food or cooking items can free of the worry of rodents and other insects to spoil them. The product has decorative and aesthetic features
This product plays an important role in beautifying a room. Its natural look contributes to its personality and enlivens a room. The product gives a strong artistic feeling
It can assist in the prevention of Athlete's Foot, and the minor discomfort associated with sweaty and smelly feet. The product gives a strong artistic feeling
Even people wear this product for a long time, they can hardly find any pilling or shrinkage problems. This will be a worthy investment. The product is available in a variety of sizes
It gives enough stretchability and a perfect fit for the body. It does not restrain wearers' movement when they stretch themselves or walk. The product is characterized by excellent colorfastness
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