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Niceday absorbent menstrual pads sunny for women

Niceday absorbent menstrual pads sunny for women

Niceday absorbent menstrual pads sunny for women

Factory Price
0.02-0.03 USD
Supply Ability
300,000 Piece/Pieces per Day
Payment Terms
L/C,Cash,Western Union,T/T, Paypal
Min.Order Quantity
300,000 pcs
155/245/285/330 MM
Surface layer
Soft non-woven top sheet
Inner layer
SAP paper + Airlaid paper
Bottom layer
PE film
Inner packing
Aluminum foil wrap,PE bag
Hot blast farbic,spun-bounded non-woven cloth,whitening cloth
Functional chips
Zip lock bag,Deluxe aluminum foil bag,Paper box,normal wrap ect
Sizes available
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Product Information of Niceday absorbent menstrual pads sunny for women
Product Details
Niceday's adult diaper is of exquisite workmanship, which is reflected in the details.Niceday has professional production workshops and great production technology. adult diaper we produce, in line with the national quality inspection standards, has reasonable structure, stable performance, good safety, and high reliability. It is also available in a wide range of types and specifications. Customers' diverse needs can be fully fulfilled.
Company Advantages
1. Our beautifully-manufactured Niceday menstrual pads is available in various design styles.
2. menstrual pads has the functions such as sani pads , which is used in ladies sanitary napkins .
3. The value of menstrual pads are recognized by most industry insider.
4. People can be assured that the content of formaldehyde, lead, or other harmful chemical substances are all eliminated, hence, there is no health problem.

Product Overviews

Total Weight (g/pcs)Absorbency
2456.7401.Soft non-woven top sheet
(Quick dryI )
2.SAP+Fluff pulp
3.Soft paper
4.Without chip
5.Henkel Adhesive
6.PE bottom layer
7.White Release paper

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We use the most advanced equipment for full automatic production process,includes full automation of products and full automation of packaging,to a large extent,both quality and quantity are guaranteed.
100% inspection of product sampling regularly.The main test test product size,water absorption ratio,saturation is qualified or not.In addition,the material of the product is tested again,such as whether the glue contains the fluorescent agent,make every affort to ensure.

1. OEM/ODM is available
   ---Printing logo on customized products
   ---Customized design and material
   ---Customized packing for your products
2.every process will be checked by responsible QC which insure the products' quality.
3. Samples are free,if you need contract me anytime.
4. If you come to our factory, pls inform us in advance,we pick you up if our driver available.

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Best quality and the lowest price can meet your demand.
Impeccable after-sales sevice will solve all worries after you buy our products.
24 hours on line to reply you immediately.


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Company Features
1. Being a competitive manufacturer of menstrual pads , Foshan Niceday Sanitary Products Co.,ltd. is widely known for providing innovative sani pads in the industry.
2. We have established effective marketing methods. We have let our marketing teams search for beneficial marketing channels, e.g. via social media or marketing website to attract our customers.
3. To provide customers with all-round sanitary pad is the culture that being kept in each employee of Niceday in mind. Check it! It's our sincere hope that our ultra thin sanitary napkin will be of great help to customers. Check it! It has been proved that women's sanitary pads makes a great difference in Foshan Niceday Sanitary Products Co.,ltd.. Check it!
why choose us

Change for you, we try to do best

Sanitary napkins, Baby diapers, Wet tissues, Wipes Manufacturer


As an ISO9001:2008 certified and a state-controlled enterprises with history of 25 years, We are producing and selling high quality of anion sanitary napkins for more than 3 years. Our products have passed Euro CE, USA FDA, SGS Certifications.



Love Moon Anion Sanitary Napkins Manufactures  


Brief Description:   

Ultra-thin liner with strong absorbency   

Soft and comfortable surface for dryness    

Skin-touching at ease                          

Daily-care use                              

Breathable PE film back sheet 



Main Functions: 


Remove unpleasant odors     

Eliminate the effect of fatigue.                    

Improve endocrine and enhance metabolism

Improve incretion

Promote metabolism

Dispel peculiar smell


Avoid tiredness 

Regulate blood pressure

Increase immunity ability 







Hygiene License: GWXZZ (2003) No.0032

Hygiene Performance Standards: GB15979

Product Performance Standards: GB/T8939



About Us


Our factory is one of the biggest napkin manufactory in the south western of China and produce anion sanitary napkin for almost 4years. Now we are mainly supply OEM service, and we have successfully produce the functional anion sanitary napkin and panty liner for more then 50customers with their own brands, and the product has exported to USA, HONGKONG, Indonesia, India, and most of Russian Federation countries.


1. More than 20 years experience in OEM services with competitive price, one-stop service of production and complying with confidential agreement.

2. IS09001:2000, ISO1400:2004 certified manufacturer.
3. Certificate: FDA, SGS.
4. Factory: More than 300 million Yuan of 150,000 square meters of new standardization of industrial production base.
5. Equipments: imported from USA, Italy, Sweden.

6. Raw material from well-known large-scale manufacturers abroad to ensure high quality.

7. Products Range: high quality sanitary napkin, baby/adult diapers, wet-tissues, wipes, feminine washes, shoe-pad and other sanitary as well as household paper products.
8 Yearly Production Capacity: 500 million pieces of high grade baby diapers, 4 billion pieces of wet tissues, 5 billion pieces of sanitary napkins, 80 million pairs of shoe pads, 100 million bottles of feminine washes, etc. Shuya has been the biggest manufacturer of health care products in Southwestern China.
9. Sales Network: Japan, Europe, America... 


Tell us what you need, we will provide you the best product and best service. 



Raw material and specification 


Raw Material


1. Cotton non-woven

Dry Sheet

2. Functional ANION chip


3. Aid laid paper


4. Absorbency paper(100% SAP)


5. Breathable PE Sheet


6. Release Paper


7. Hot Air Nonwovens

Leading the liquid to flow

8. Size: 155mm, 180/190/200mm, 240mm, 280mm, 330mm

9. OEM is available, distributor/agent/wholesaler is welcome




Function Description 


Chip type





Physics functional type

Anion chip

can produce a lot of free oxygen, completely change anaerobes environment, promote the transformation of enzyme, improve the endocrine, enhance immunity, with pressure regulation, antibacterial, diminish inflammation, except that peculiar smell, eliminate fatigue, such as effectiveness.


Chitin fiber

a super insulation ability, give a person with comfortable sense and soft tactility moist, and antimicrobial.


Bamboo charcoal fiber chip


the harmful material and dust can play absorption, the decomposition of smell and or deodorant, achieve the effect of desiccant and dry.




improve body oxygen levels, balance ph, increase immunity.




weak magnetic have analgesic, diminish inflammation, swelling, improve the body's blood circulation and help the discharge poison. To improve a female dysmenorrhea outstanding effect.




silver ions can inhibit bacterium, virus breath, Split the bacterial cell membrane; And the bacterial cells, of the virus's DNA key combination, which have antiseptic, antiviral effect.




sterilization, deodorant antibacterial, balance ph of multiple functions.


Plant functional type

Aloe chip

cool and refreshing and itching, balance PH, prevent germs cross infection


Mint chip


Tea Tree Essential Oil chip


Anti-counterfeiting functional type

Painting chip


Anti-counterfeiting functional chip





8 high-tech layers food-grade material 


1st layer: cotton smooth non-woven (better absorbency which give ultra comfort.) 

2ndlayer: Woven cloth anion chip (which contains 6100 anion per cubic cm. It works  naturally to relieve menstrual discomforts)

3rd layer: Air-laid paper (360 degree tightly wrapped,not easy causes napkins deformities.)

4th layer: Super absorbent polymer (effectively blocks the water more than ten times, keep dry)

5th layer: Professional diversion layer(can accelerate the liquid to proliferate rapidly, is helpful to flicker attracts, prevents the side to leak)

6th layer: air-laid paper(enhance freshness,provides maximum absorbency per sanitary pad)

7th layer: PE breathable leak-proof bottom layer(allows the air to be absorbed in for ventilation)

8th layer: adhesive glue release paper(Specially designed back adhesive which conforms to human ergonomics)






dairy used

Mini napkin

night used

Super long napkin

panty liner

gift box


















Detailed features of our anion sanitary napkin


1. Dry, breathable and side leakage prevention 

2. Strictly control of the quality of raw materials 

3. Guarantee of advanced quality management system, closed-type production workshop, continuous production, fully automated packaging. 

4. Usage of advanced easy-pull-seal outer packing to ensure the products free from bacteria and mildew. Protective labeling design of outer packing makes double assurance. 

5. Purely physical effects, drug-free, chemical-free, without side effect. 

6. Our anion sanitary napkins is high-tech product possess 4 patents: 

200820052293 / 200810073505.5 / 200810030633.1 / 200820104136.7 

7. Enclosed Free Vagina Health Self-Test Card 

This card is used specially to detect effects and examine health data of vagina area before and after the use of this product. It is a health self- test card with up-to-date science & technology. 



Features for nano-silver sanitary pads for ladies:

--Ultra thin and with soft non-woven top sheet.
--With unique professional liquid-guiding layer to keep surface dry.
--The nano-silver core can have effects of
1). To improve dysmenorrheal, vaginal discharge, menstrual discomfort;
2). Antimicrobial, anti-inflammation, antipruritic, dispel odor;
3). Promote the metabolism, helps detoxification of the uterus;
4). To prevent a variety of gynecological diseases;
5). Balance the body pH, and enhance immunity.
--Super absorbent polymers could keep surface dry without infiltrative.
--Breathable bottom layer can eliminate the humidity as well as prevent leakage.
--Outer packing is using aluminum foil material, which has the functions of moisture-proofing, mildew-resistance and anti-bacteria etc.
--Packaging using easy-pull-sticker design, which can repeatedly seal, prevent bacterial invasion, and avoid secondary pollution
--We provide OEM service  



Custom Packaging: 


Individual easy wrapped, 10pcs per pack of day use, 8pcs per pack of night use, 30pcs per pack of panty liner.
Outer Packing: 48 packs per carton 
Gift box packing: 10 packs day use + 4 packs night use + 5 packs panty liners, 5 boxes/carton, carton measurement: 590x375x330mm, 40HQ loads 4000 boxes. 

Enclosed Free Vagina Health Self-Test Card


This card is used specially to detect effects and examine health data of vagina area before and after the use of this product. It is a health self- test card with up-to-date science & technology. 



Product Views







150,000 square meters Production Base




ISO,FDA,SGS sanitary napkin China Manufacturer, welcome to distribute our products or manufacture private label.




Workshops & Production Lines




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