Maternity pad

Niceday maternity pad features:

1.Regular thickness with strong absorbency
-Its regular thickness yet it’s 200x more absorbent! The maternity sanitary pads has unparalleled absorbency, comfort and safety, all in one millimetre. 
2.Amazing pad design, high grade enjoyment
- Covered by hypoallergenic and super soft top layer,
Both bring you a visual and tactile enjoyment. 
3.Maximum Breathability
- Super soft surface promotes airflow so it’s 5x* more breathable, no more putting up with stuffiness!
4.Minimal Rubbing
- Minimal contact with your skin so there’s no rubbing throughout your period. Superior comfort even for the most delicate skin, the non woven surface ensures minimal contact resulting in little or no friction.
5.Feel 5 Times Drier
- Wearing this maternity sanitary pads make you feel drier like never before with 80% of fluid reduced on the innovative cottony Quick non woven Surface that seals it within the centre core, reducing stuffy, uncomfortable feeling

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