Is there instruction manual for underpad?
We can offer an instruction manual for underpad to customers. This manual can provide customers with clear and to-the-point work instructions described in English and other languages if required. It contains every topic, instruction, and steps of how to use the products, tips, and warning notice as well. For example, the steps show the users the step-by-step process of performing a given task. There is a clear goal in every instruction, and the description of the goal should therefore always be task-oriented and to the point. As a manufacturer, we highly recommend that customers read the instruction manual first before using the product.
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Foshan Niceday Sanitary Products Co.,ltd. is an excellent manufacturer integrating development, design, production, and sales of reusable menstrual products. We are a well-known brand in this industry in China. The reusable sanitary napkin series has many styles to meet the diversified needs of customers. Many factors have been considered during the development of Niceday ultra absorbent sanitary pads. From the shielding case, conductor, arrangement of circuits, PCB design, to even the size of the heat sink are all carefully thought over and experimented by the technicians. Its both wings have the advantage of high adhesive strength. This garment is designed to hook people's attention. It will easily make the wearer stand out in the clutter. The bottom layer of the product is made of PE film which is moisture- and heat-resistant.

We have made a strict resource saving plan to carry through responsibility for society. We compare water usage against similar businesses and regulates our water consumption, as well as get the employees involved in knowing the importance of water source. Ask!

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